Top 5 Easter Dishes (Guest post)

Hi guys!

Brussels Food Friends asked me to write a guest post for them and of course my answer was “YES!” 😀
It is all about Easter (although that, unfortunately, is already long behind us)

I hope you all had a very nice Easter! Hopefully with lots of chocolate Easter eggs! Although that habit seems to be typical for Belgium and The Netherlands. Other countries apparently hide cooked eggs, painted in all sorts of colours.
No matter what kind of eggs you’ve had, I hope you’ve enjoyed them!

No chocolate or cooked eggs for this top 5 though!
These bloggers have prepared some great dishes for Easter! Let’s see what they ate.

Alexia from Must Be Yummie made a whole Easter Brunch! I love her decorations! And I love her bunny too!


Sandra from Leeks and High Heels made lunch. And not just any kind of lunch! This Easter Lunch of hers is so perfect! Wish I had sat at her table…


Lieziepeasy decided to make something delicious as a count-down to Easter! Make sure not to miss her incredible Pull-apart bread with lemon. It looks so good!


“Easter weekend has been a weekend of over-eating”. Well, Lisa, I would have over-eaten myself too if I had been exposed to your delicious table! The meat, the pie, the donuts, … Oh my.


Last but not least: Ferrero Rocher Cupcakes ‘de luxe’ with Nutella frosting from our beloved Hap & Tap is so Easter! Why? Because she used Nutella’s Easter jar for this recipe! They look so so good! YUMM!


I hope you liked these posts as much as I do and may they inspire you for next year’s Easter! 😀

Have a delicious day ❤
xxx Sarah

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